Our Philosophy

Starting from an idea?

Twelve Foot Guru can walk you through the questions and considerations of your project. We will produce a full architecture document for you which will describe the scope of the project in detail, providing user flows and scenarios, site maps, wireframes and technology recommendations. This architecture document can be used as a starting point for gathering investors, or a roadmap for any developers you want to use (including us of course).

Already have a plan?

Twelve Foot Guru works with a wide variety of coding languages, libraries and systems. We will work closely with you to establish a roadmap for development with attainable milestones and delivery dates. Do you need a flat bid, an hourly rate or pool of pre-paid hours? Whatever your require we can work with you to build the application you need, within budget and on schedule. We can also provide ongoing support or train your own internal team to take over maintanance.

Already have an existing system?

Twelve Foot Guru can work with you to evaluate the existing system and decide if you are better served by updating what you have or building something new. We also provide usability testing and analysis to find the pain points where the system is hindering users. We will also recommend any efficiencies we can see, which will save you time and money.

Need Training?

Twelve Foot Guru has written three books on the Sencha Touch Programming language. We also provide training in Sencha’s ExtJS language as well as other languages and libraries. Twelve Foot Guru can work with you to bring your coders up to speed and keep in contact with them afterwards to serve as a technical resource.