Stratix Procheck II

It’s always interesting when a client comes back to you asking for an update on an old project. It’s a great opportunity to examine older code and see if your assumptions and planning have left you with a system that is easy to modify and update.

Procheck was originally built to allow QC technicians to record test data and configuration options for electronics gear. Each piece of gear had its own custom set of requirements and testing setup based on the company making the purchase and the type of equipment. This called for a huge amount of flexibility in the system. Admins were able to setup the unique tests and options for each piece of equipment as well as link to documentation the tech might require. All of this was wrapped up in a taggable, searchable system with reporting. Stratix was very pleased with the results and the system saw a ton of usage.

After a time, someone asked the question: “wouldn’t it be great if the system itself ran the tests and gathered the data?” Enter Todd Schroedel of Stratix. Todd wrote a series of Perl scripts that would run tests on Android and iOS devices to query, test and configure a device based on data in the Procheck system. Our job was then to integrate his scripts so they could talk to the rest of the Procheck system. The end result is a system that can query, set up and test multiple devices at once, detecting any failures and reporting them back to the technician for further testing, all at the touch of a button. This saves tremendous time and greatly decreases the potential for any data entry errors. The new system also allowed techs to run much larger batches of devices, which significantly cuts down the staging time for any given order.

From Todd: “I am not sure where to start. These guys were great to work with. With minimum specs they not only met our expectations, but they also added some features that really made difference. There code was always delivered on a timely basis, and within budget. They spent several hours helping us trouble shoot an environmental issue, that had nothing to do with their code. I would highly recommend 12foot guru for your next project.“